Google Adwords & Adsense

As you already know that the Internet is a major medium of advertising and marketing your business and its products and services. The function of search engines in aiding the process of marketing is also not unknown. Google- one of the leading search engines – has made available advertising programs that will help you in marketing your firm in the online world. The two programs that Google has introduced are AdWords (PPC Basics) and AdSense. The main competitor of Google Adwords and Adsense is Yahoo! Search Marketing. Please read about them below or view our internet consulting services.



This program is specifically meant for advertisers. This is a very cost effective method of placing advertisements on search engines. It is a PPC Campaign tool. The concept that works behind this program is very innovative and is extremely beneficial for you if you are placing an advertisement on Google.


When a person visits Google search engine and types the keywords for the desired information he/she will get to view advertisements that are relevant to the search results only. This results in a very targeted advertisement. Moreover, this is advantageous for advertisers, as they have to pay Google only when someone clicks on the advertisement. In this way you pay for an advertisements that ensure better prospects of return for investment. Let us take a look at an example:

 Google Adwords

Main Features of AdWords

  • You can create your own advertisement with your desired keywords and can submit it to Google. Google has representatives who will analyze and check your ad for appropriateness and then allow it to be displayed.
  • Your advertisement will appear either on top or on the right hand side of the results searched. Since it appears on a alongside a relevant search result only your ad is viewed by people who have interest in what you deal with.
  • Since the system is based on the cost-per-click concept it enables you to pay for prospective customers. You do not have a minimum payment limit or time limitations. You can determine your own budget.

There are several other features and merits of Google AdWords.  To see a quick tour:  Google Adwords Optimizer Tour.  To Learn in depth details go here:  Google Adwords Learning Center.  See a Begginers Guide To Google Adwords.  See a Video Conferences about Google Adwords.   See a  Video Guided Tour Of Google Adwords.  To sign up go here: Google Adwords.



The program of Google AdSense is designed specifically for Web Publishers. If you own a website this program will help you to yield better income and at the same time let your audience have an improved quality time when they visit your website. Unlike Google AdWords this program is applicable for you to allow advertisements of other companies on your website. Only the advertisements that are relevant to your website will be displayed. This will automatically increase the likelihood of clicks on the ads and will thereby help you to earn greater revenue from the ads. Such relevant advertisements are placed on your search results pages also.

 Google Adsense

When you are applying for the Google AdSense program it will cost you a very small amount of money and will help your reap greater benefits. You do not need any extra resource for this program. You also have access to a larger number of advertisers. The targeted advertisement process will ensure that you earn more revenue on each page on your website. For more information on this program you can have a look at Google Adsense Tour.


As you can already understand, these two programs of Google are interconnected. They have a relationship between them, as they are meant for two inter-related parties – the advertisers and the web publishers. This relationship has been outlined through a block diagram. You can view this diagram at Google Adsense Block Diagram.


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