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What is

This community website will be the ‘Ultimate Gambling Source.’ There are many people that gamble and many people that claim to be gambling experts, aims to build a market that brings the two together. The website will not be a gambling website, but a community website for both sports handicappers & for those looking for sports betting advice.

Main Sections:

USER: They will come to to get sports betting advice
MEMBER: They will come to to give sports betting advice
OWNER: = The owner will be able to control it all

The reason why sports handicappers (members) are going to join this site is because they want to promote their own sports handicapping services. They are going to come to, register for an account, create their business profile, and give sports advice to USERS.

Member’s Community Features:

1. Free Sport Picks:
2. Premium Sport Picks
3. Handicapping Contest
4. Handicapping Records
5. Daily Fan Poll

Free Sport Picks: Members will be able to click on this section and post free sport picks. Each sport pick they create will be a new page & these pages will be able to be searched / browsed by users. Eventually will promote itself as more members post daily sport picks; expanding the website with natural targeted content for the search engines.

Premium Sport Picks: Members will use this section to promote their own handicapping services. They will post their free sport picks to show people that they can pick winners which will encourage people to sign up for their ‘paying’ handicapping services. Most handicappers in the industry offer ‘pay-by-game,’ weekly, monthly, and yearly picks.

Handicapping Contest: Members will be able to enter in free & paying season long sport handicapping contests. Contest will encourage ‘branding’ of since handicappers need to enter in their contest picks daily or weekly on the site. It can also be very profitable; we suggest keeping the price of the buy in around $250 -$350 and limit it to 200-300 handicappers per sport/team.

Handicapping Records: The only way for users to decide which handicappers are good and which are bad is to display detailed records. Users will be able to browse & search handicapper’s free sport picks, premium sport picks, and contest picks to make an educated decision on who to trust.

Daily Fan Poll: Users will be able to participate in picking sporting events here. We find that users like to see how they match up to handicappers so this is where they can do that.


If you are familiar with the sports handicapping industry you know there is not a strong presence of sports handicappers online. There is a large demand for sports advice, but you will find a limited number of website that truly offers FREE SPORTS ADVICE. The one site we found is:

The other competition is individual / company owned sports handicapping sites. Usually the best handicappers join together to offer multiple points of views (that is what people want we found). That is the reason why we want to build an entire online community for all sports handicappers to use. The best group sports handicapping site we found is:

So we aim to do with is allow any sports handicapper to own their own site (with in similar to but display / track their results similar to how does. will look / work entirely different then both of these sites above – we just wanted to give readers a better visual for actually has 95% of the outlined and knows a little bit about the online gambling industry since we used to design casino / poker / sportbook websites.

Extra Add Ons

An extremely profitable add on to this website would be fantasy sports betting software. The best part about (if you do it right) is that there will never be ANY gambling links on the site. If you are a smart marketer you will find a way to brand the business to consumers and make ‘gambling’ a free sport; just like fantasy sports.

Just like fantasy sports, you could be the leader in fantasy sports betting. Depositing money to online casinos with credit cards is now illegal in the United States currently. has the resources (since we used to create sports betting sites) to build fantasy sports betting software that could be used in

The fantasy sports betting software would work the same way regular sports betting does, except the money would be replaced by points & prizes. The only other site online is which did a decent job with their software. This software is optional and can be added on at anytime.

Why this business will be EXTREMELY PROFITABLE:

I don’t need to explain to you that the U.S Gambling Industry was a $100 billion dollar industry and millions upon millions of people used to and still do gamble online. But my point I want to get across is that there is a LARGE DEMAND for online gambling and NO LEGAL SUPPLY in the U.S.A.

Build this online gambling community and gain control of the online gambling market in the USA. Right now it is illegal for U.S citizens to deposit money in online gambling businesses. Instead of fighting the system, build a business that allows consumers to ‘gamble’ legally.

There are well over 50,000,000 million people that used to gamble online in the U.S.A. that can not anymore. If you convinced 1% of that market to sign up for a $20 a month membership at your website you would be a millionaire in a month!

Future of this business:

I do not know the future of online gambling; no one does. I do know the U.S government would love to receive a piece of the $100 billion dollar gambling industry. My opinion is they will eventually regulate the industry and eventually if businesses follow the rules legalize it; just like they do for brick & motor gambling facilities.

Right now millions of U.S citizens would love to bet on sports – build this social networking site, add on the fantasy gambling application, and gain the gambling market share.

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